The Software Dev Group is an association of software engineers, software developers, web developers and anyone else who works in the software development industry. We support the professionalization of the software development industry. Across the industry there is an epidemic of low quality code and ethical violations.

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What is a Professional?

Professionals Do Not Have Their Opinions Overridden

The opinions of software developers are routinely ignored when it comes to any matter that goes above day-to-day programming skills. Developers are not treated like professionals as engineers, doctors and lawyers are.

In day-to-day business in many cases we are discouraged from raising our concerns about the ethics of a project, about the low quality of the project and its potential impact on users.

The most glaring example is the extensive use of ad tracker software in web sites. Not only does it slow the performance of a website which impacts users directly, it also violates user privacy. Many software developers are against the use of ad trackers, and actively use ad-blocking and other privacy-preserving software to protect themselves. The only reason there’s ad trackers everywhere is because the ethical concerns raised by developers are ignored by managers and executives.

Professionals Get Paid For The Value They Deliver

The average web and software developer is creating a lot of value every day. The value of automation of existing processes alone is worth a fortune to businesses. Even a junior developer has the skills to automate tedious tasks which save tens of hours a week which translates to lower costs for a business. New products and features created by developers with a wide variety experience turn into new revenue streams that maintain a business’s dominance in its market or its entry into a new market.

Considering how much value is delivered by software developers, it’s time that more of that value is captured by professional software developers.

Professionals Strive For Excellence While Balancing Business Objectives

Software and web developers many times complain about the quality of the code they are working on. This is a common complaint and the reply is that they were forced into a time crunch or pressured into implementing a low quality solution. The quality then continues to degrade because there’s never enough time to fix the code, or at least that’s the excuse given by management.

Striving for excellence is what professionals do and while they aim to fulfill business objectives, they do not compromise on fundamental aspects of quality. If a feature isn’t ready for use or could prove dangerous or unethical, a professional will raise their concerns without fear. In other cases, an urgent bug fix may be needed and a professional will run through all of their check-lists and review the quality of the bug fix and assert that it is indeed a good fix before releasing it for production use.

Balancing business objectives is always a concern but we believe that currently, the pendulum has swung too far in the direction of fulfilling business objectives at the expense of future excellence and maintainability. In the next decade there will be self-driving cars on the streets, there will be more technology embedded in peoples homes, and as software developers we need to ensure that the quality of our code meets a minimum standard.

Our Goal

The goal of the Software Dev Group is to professionalize the software development industry. We want developers to be treated as more than lowly implementers on a project, we want developers to assert that they have the knowledge to contribute to make better businesses, make better products and projects and to enhance the quality of work-life for themselves.