will review your contract!

Tech Solidarity is an association of software developers, based in the United States, that are organizing and running solidarity events for tech workers in various cities.

Recently, they have added a new feature, something that all tech workers can take advantage of: CONTRACT/EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT REVIEW. A lot of developers are stuck with bad contracts that they signed just to get the job. In some cases, contracts will have illegal non-compete clauses or clauses about the employer owning all of your work even if it’s done in your spare time.

The comments in the Reddit thread explain precisely why we need organizations such as TechSolidarity and SoftwareDevGroup.

The industry is not a meritocracy, it is a brutal hierarchy where wages are suppressed, developers are blocked from managing their own work due to SCRUM, developers cannot get what they need in contracts and have to go through bizarre interview processes (quick, what’s the number of developers that will fit in one 1000 sq ft space?) and where it’s hard to get a job once you hit 40 (because you’re too smart to overwork yourself for little compensation).