7 Books To Start Learning Data Science

Tomi Mester has a list of 7 books that he recommends for developers looking to become data scientists. Data science and “big data” are the buzzwords of the day but they aren’t just buzzwords, there is real value being delivered and derived from all the data that companies have collected (note on ethics for software developers: don’t forget to minimize the amount of data you collect to the minimum and anonymize it and protect it as well as you can!).

The books are:

  1. Lean Analytics
  2. Business Value in an ocean of data
  3. Naked Statistics
  4. Doing Data Science
  5. Data Science at the Command Line
  6. Python for Data Analysis
  7. I heart logs

Our addition to that list are two books from No Starch Press: The Manga Guide to Statistics and Statistics Done Wrong.

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