33rd Chaos Communication Congress

30th Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg, 2013, source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3A2013-12-30_30C3_2821.JPG

The Chaos Communication Congress is a conference organized annually by the CCC (Chaos Computer Club). The CCC has been around since 1984, and each year at the conference there are presentations and panels about security, cryptography and freedom of speech on the Internet.

You can view the schedule for this years Congress here. The wiki is here: https://events.ccc.de/congress/2016/wiki/Main_Page

One of the interesting presentations they have this year is by Cian Westmoreland and is titled The Infrastructure and People behind Drone Killings. The ethics behind working on drones and the infrastructure that powers them should be of some interest to software developers aiming to develop code in an ethical way.

Congress Centrum Hamburg, source: By Roland Hieber (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

There is also a presentation on building your own NSA! Again, the ethics of software development are shown strong here. In the presentation, Andreas Dewes and Svea Eckert discuss the collection of private data from people. In web development this happens often. In the talk, they show the results of an experiment they conducted where they called around to buy up as much personal information, the URLs that you are clicking on in your web browser. They were able to buy up information even on public figures from politics, media and society.

These are just two of the many presentations that are on at the 33rd Chaos Communication Congress. Click here to see the full list of events.

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