Really make your MVP minimal

Nice article on Free Code Camp from the founder of rabbuts, a product that started out as an MVP (Minimal Viable Product).It lists all the things you really do not need at first when creating your product, such as a forgot password form. It suggests focusing on the things that matter like the user experience which is what customers will see and interact with every day. It suggests using free as your pricing model just because it means you won’t have to design and write copy for a pricing page and won’t have to split users into tiers of features.

If your webpage takes 20 seconds to load, fix it. MVP or not, if it affects usability, it matters.

When it comes to MVPs, UX is the exception, because “viable” products need to feel polished, at the minimum. People today expect even beta applications to be functional and not frustrating

Read it, it’s a helpful article for developers looking to start their own product companies.

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