August 2016

Cisco Systems to lay off 14,000 employees

Cisco is laying off about 20% of its workforce. Thankfully they are offering early retirement packages. Hoping that they also offer job finding assistance to employees too. Apart from Cisco, the other tech giants, which…

#TechMasters: Quitting To Get Ahead, a new community for developers, has published an article based on their conversations in their Slack channels focused on their weekly topic. This week their topic was leaving jobs that are bad for you….

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New Code School, 42 US, Opens In U.S.

A French billionaire has decided to open a new code school named 42 US in Silicon Valley. The school is free for students and teaches them how to code and some computer science skills. Their…

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Really make your MVP minimal

Nice article on Free Code Camp from the founder of rabbuts, a product that started out as an MVP (Minimal Viable Product).It lists all the things you really do not need at first when creating…