Employees at startups are coping with unprecedented levels of anxiety


The India Times has an excellent article on the stress that employees at startups are facing.

Because startups have few resources and are making a big bet on a payoff they sometimes push workers to work long hours with less pay and benefits than other jobs:

Raina says that it was not just salary delays and pay cuts that demoralised her and stressed her out to the point of burnout. Glaring absence of any employee benefits such as provident fund or medical insurance, unrealistic expectations (working on Sundays is just one instance) and a lack of organisational structure only added to the strain.

Relying on startups is not a good way to build an economy and punishes employees who wish to have families and a good work-life balance:

The funding scenario is so uncertain that nobody knows how long a job will last, he adds. “I don’t want to live with the stress of an axe hanging perennially over me,” he says. Singh has a 10-monthold baby and thinks that joining a startup now is a huge risk. “I would not like to risk the future of my family,” says the software engineer, who doesn’t have fond memories of his startup phase.

Read more here, it’s a good thorough article on startups in India and software developers everywhere at startups are facing the same issues of stress and anxiety and poor compensation for all the hard work they do.

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